Sky News

Placements have been an important part of my semester, and after completing an initial three-week placement at Sky News in August, I was lucky enough to go back again for an extra week in late November.

There, I worked with the Sky News Digital team, publishing a story for their popular App, Sky News for iPad, and working on an election project.



The story, on vinyl sales, featured on the main timeline of news stories.


The story was about which albums were most popular in the vinyl charts for 2014.

Sky News use a website called ‘Scoop’ to publish stories for the iPad and this is what I used to create this story.


Using Scoop I wrote the headline and tease for the story, followed by the main copy. I also sourced images.



During my time I also worked on an election project focusing on 150 marginal seats which could swing to another party in May.

I worked alongside others to write briefs for a number of constituencies. The briefs went live online and on Sky News for iPad on January 5th, 2015 as part of Sky’s ‘In the Margins’ initiative.




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